Our company,
Gourmet Selections LLC
Is dedicated to import and export of all kinds of products, principally of Spanish and Mexican products, for the different markets in the Caribe, USA, México, Venezuela, Chile, Panamá, Puerto Rico and the European Economic Community.

The principal customers with whom we have commercial relations are: groups with their own sales points mainly in Superstores, Self-Services, Importers and in some cases Third-Party Distributors.

The Products are always chosen by our customers who, after deciding their incorporation on the commercial network, arrange the start-up of different factors that will determine definitively their introduction and, systematically, are usually the same. These factors fit the following criteria:

Brands: The brand that we handle is our own brand: Gourmet Selections. Though we also offer the possibility of doing the brand that belong to the distribution chains of the above mentioned countries or transfer one of our own brands (Aleo, Antiqua, etc.) to our customer of way prerogative for an agreed long period of time. This enables us to adjust the policy of exclusivity plans which are so demanded by the market in general, guaranteeing with it that the efforts realized in the development of every brand it redounds only to benefit of the owner or authorized dealer of the brand.

Formats and regulations: Because of the different types of final consumer, we handle all the available formats today inside the connotations and the style of every country. We group units together in shrink packs for big consumers, we fit the units of sale of the original boxes to the logistic needs. The regulations of every country join from factory always in the original packaging in order to avoid disrupting normal distribution of the goods in the Customs clearance process or posterior inspections.

Cargo and groups: One of our most valued advantages is undoubtedly the possibility of incorporating all kinds of new references without need of volumes because there is no minimum order inside of the EEUU and there is 1 palet/product minimum order for  imports from Spain or any of the other countries which we work with. This allows to include products in the stocks without risk for possible problems of rotation, immobilized, etc.