• 29 years of experience in the Import and Distribution industry.
  • Full-structure companies with capabilities to Import, Store, Distribute, and Promote in Mexico, Spain, and the United States.
  • Expertise in distribution and promotion of Refrigerated Products.
  • Partner with top brands in their respective categories in their countries of origin.
  • Exclusive distribution of Private Label products for Costco, Walmart, Sam’s, HEB, etc

About us

In 1992, Comercial Hispana is openned in México to better serve the Mexican market. Comercial Hispana handles brands and products that come from different parts of the world including Spain, France, Italy, and South America. By selecting leading brands in their country of origin, Comercial Hispana can guarantee the best quality for its customers. Its clients include some of the largest supermarket chains in Mexico: Costco, Walmart, Comercial Mexicana, Chedraui, HEB, etc.

In 2003, with a focus on the U.S. market, Group Olarra opened Gourmet Selections LLC. Gourmet Selections is a company dedicated to the import and distribution of gourmet products in the U.S. Its main clients are supermarket chains and regional distributors in North American and the Caribbean.

In 2011, after consolidating its position in the Americas, España Gourmet Logistic (EGL) is openned.. Fulfilling the increasing interest in Europe for gourmet, healthy, and organic products from America, EGL is the main company for the introduction of American products to the European market.

Finally in 2015, with the expansion of healthy and organic food categories in the global marketplace, Tiqua LLC is founded. It works with its different partners in Bolivia, Peru, Costa Rica, and Ecuador to produce and develop a great variety of healthy products based on «super grains» in different traditional categories such as cereal, cookies, pasta, and desserts.

We provide 3 different types of services:


We are a qualified and registered importer for all types of food products and specialties.

  • Imports through our own company
  • Imports to client’s warehouses or single points of sale
  • Imports for a third party
  • Exports from Country of Origin: From one of our Purchasing Departments (Mexico, Spain, U.S.A.) we offer the service to prepare shipments and have them ready from its port of origin to be exported directly to importers in different countries.


  • Maintain inventories in our warehouses and replenish orders for all types of articles (refrigerated, frozen, or dry) based on different reports and analysis.
  • Management and control of inventories in order to get each SKU to its final destination *
  • Complete logistical service to final destination * Expertise in managing the Refrigerated Supply Chain

Food Service

  • We offer a complete service in the Food Service space, with our professionals who focus on fulfilling, maintaining, and growing this channel.
  • Our Food service department offers an integral solution in the space, with a complete selection of products that ranges from daily products used in industrial cooking to top-quality gourmet products that give a differentiating factor.
  • Grupo Olarra offers a great variety of products in different formats and with different Denominations of Origin.

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